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Rutland Folk Dance Club welcomes visitors and new members of all abilities, including beginners, who want to learn and enjoy English country dancing. It meets each Friday evening, September to June, from 8.00pm to 10.00pm in Uppingham Town Hall for social dancing ranging from "Playford"-style English courtly dances of the 17th to 19th centuries, through traditional country dances, to modern English compositions and zesty American-influenced "Squares" and "Contras". Each dance is explained and walked through before setting it to music, and then called throughout so you don't need to remember all the moves. There is no need for any special clothing or shoes - just wear something lightweight and comfortable. Nor do you need to come with a partner; singles are welcomed. We frequently change partners during the course of an evening and experienced members will teach you the moves and make sure you are included in the dances. Once you master the basics there are opportunities to attend public dances and costume balls, locally and around the UK, as well as club nights. At our weekly club nights we often use recorded music, made by classically-trained musicians, with the dances called by either experienced club members or visiting Callers from other clubs. Rutland Folk Dance Club also holds several celebration evenings during the year, especially at Christmas and in summer, when we always feature a live band with a dance Caller of national reputation. Research studies have shown that regular dancing keeps the mind agile and improves mental well-being as well as strengthening bones and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, and it delays the aging process. By taking up country dancing you will make new friends and get some good gentle exercise. So, why not come along and join in the fun? You will enjoy it and laugh a lot! Information about the activities of Rutland Folk Dance Club, along with contact details, can be found on the club's web site at , or you can call 01780 460 389, or 01162 793 345