Our town is very generous both in terms of raising money for charity and good causes, but also with personal time and support. Quite a few of our community groups, clubs and charities often need help and an extra pair of hands. This page provides those groups an opportunity to advertise for volunteers for specific events or on a regular basis.

If you are seeking volunteers then email us at [email protected] and we will display your request here and let everyone know.

If you want to volunteer and help out – just respond to one of the requests here so the representative asking for help can get in touch.

Road Marshalls

As in previous years I write to invite available and willing volunteers to help deliver the Stilton Cheese Run on Sunday April 21st 2024. This year we are looking for volunteers to operate at one of three locations as follows:- 1) SUNDAY AM - Helping with the reception and parking of around 150 cars in Uppingham Town Centre 2) SUNDAY LATE MORNING AND LUNCHTIME – 4 volunteers are required between 10.30am and 2pm to help park the Run participants at the New Lodge Farm when they arrive from Uppingham to display their vehicles. Free lunch and coffee is provided by the host. 3) Two volunteers to spend a couple of hours (1pm to 3pm) parking cars outside The Bell Inn in Stilton. Afternoon tea will be provided. As usual a full volunteer safety briefing will be held immediately before the event. Should be a fun day

CONTACT: Ron Simpson
Stilton Cheese Run 2024

Saturday Shop Worker

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CONTACT: 01572 123123 / [email protected]
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